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High Availability in AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Platform

SIOS clustering solutions are unique in the breadth of applications, operating systems and infrastructure environments they support. They provide a single solution to handle your high availability needs. SIOS software protects applications such as SAP and databases such as HANA, SQL Server, Oracle, and many others running in shared storage or SANless storage configurations. SIOS solutions enable high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) protection for Windows or Linux applications operating in any combination of physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

SIOS SANless Clusters for Application High Availability

SIOS software offers integrated data replication, high availability clustering and disaster recovery and protects a wide variety of applications and databases. With SIOS clusters eliminate the need for expensive shared storage to achieve full high availability application and database protection.

Migrate Critical Applications to the Cloud without Sacrificing HA/DR

SIOS enables you to move critical applications in on-premises Windows or Linux environments to the cloud without sacrificing HA/DR protection. Add SIOS DataKeeper to a Windows Server Failover Clustering environment to create a SANless cluster where traditional shared storage clusters are costly or impractical. Use SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux to build SAN or SANless clusters for complex Linux applications in the cloud or in hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Expertise

SIOS technical experts hold a variety of advanced technical certifications in Microsoft Azure, AWS EC2, SQL Server and have helped customers in a variety of industries implement HA solutions for their critical applications.

High Availability Solutions for Cloud

Clusters for AWS High Availability
Clusters for Google Cloud High Availability & Disaster Recovery

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