Application Availability Fundamentals

Your Essential Guide to Application Availability

Key Concepts

Get the key information you need to get started with HA clustering. From which option to choose to best practices for protecting your critical applications. Learn how workloads should be distributed when migrating to a cloud environment; the differences in networking structure among the public cloud platforms; how data replication between nodes works and much more.

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SIOS Availability Fundimentals

Protecting Applications in Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Linux Environments

Learn the essentials of failover clustering for high availability in Linux environments such as SUSE and Red Hat.

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Windows Environments

Understanding key concepts for high availability clustering protection for Microsoft Windows environments.

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Protecting Application and Databases

Every application and database has different HA requirements. Learn more about the specific needs of your critical application and databases,

SQL Server Environments

SAP Environments

Oracle Environments


Protecting Applications in the Cloud

Running a critical workload on AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform? Learn the keys to HA/DR protection in these cloud platforms.

SANless clusters for Cloud Platforms

AWS EC2 High Availability Clustering

Azure High Availability

Eliminate Single Points of Failure in the Cloud with High Availability Clustering Across Availability Zones

How to Achieve High Availability in the Cloud Using WSFC