High Availability for Manufacturing

SIOS understand how deeply manufacturers rely on sophisticated applications, ERPs and databases to maintain production schedules, manage supply chains, control warehouse inventory, coordinate shipping, and perform a variety of other essential business operations. Downtime for these systems can cost thousands of dollars per hour and result in shipping delays, customer service issues, safety concerns, product loss, and productivity loss and supply chain disruption. SIOS clustering software provides reliable, cost-efficient high availability and disaster protection to deliver 99.99% uptime for critical applications, ERPs and databases running in Windows and Linux environments in on premises, cloud, hybrid cloud or multicloud environments.

20 Years of Experience in HA for Industry Manufacturing

For more than 20 years, SIOS has helped manufacturers deploy high availability for business critical applications. Our award-winning customer service team has in-depth experience with the application environments and requirements specific to the manufacturing industry.

Eliminate Service Disruptions

Unlike other solutions that only monitor VM or server operation, SIOS clustering software monitors the entire application environment – network, storage, operating system, server, and application to ensure business critical systems are operational and available. If an issue is detected, SIOS Protection Suite software automatically restarts the application, speeding recovery time and eliminating the need for more than 70% of failovers. If necessary, SIOS software automatically orchestrates failover in full compliance with application-specific best practices.

Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud Environments

Migrate critical systems to Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud Platform without sacrificing high availability or disaster recovery protection. Add SIOS DataKeeper software to your Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) to create a SANless clustering environment without the cost and complexity of shared storage. Use SIOS Protection Suite for Linux for complete SAN or SANLess clustering protection in a Linux environment.

Application Awareness for Reliable, Error-Free Clustering

SIOS application recovery kits (ARKs) enable LifeKeeper to monitor the entire application stack – network, storage, OS, application, and server. They also orchestrate the failover in accordance with application-specific best practices for fast, reliable operation on the secondary node(s).

SAP S/4HANA Certified

Our products are SAP certified and feature our unique application recovery kits (ARK) for both SAP and HANA to ensure reliable failover in full compliance with SAP best practices. Powerful automation and entry validation speed enables error-free cluster configuration five times faster than Pacemaker-based solutions.

SIOS has clustering solutions for both Windows and Linux environments – enabling industry-leading HA configuration flexibility. Use SIOS products to protect SAP ERS, ASCS and other services on Windows and SAP and HANA on Linux in the same configuration.

Protect Critical Databases – SQL Server, Oracle, MaxDB

SIOS clustering software provides the HA protection you need to run business-critical databases wherever and however you run them – SQL Server, Oracle, MaxDB, MySQL in the cloud or hybrid cloud environments.


Case Studies

HA/DR for the Manufacturing Industry