How to Protect Applications and Databases

Every Application and Database Has Its Own Best Practices

Complex applications, databases and ERP systems have specific requirements for boot order, service module placement, and other requirements. Failing to adhere to these best practices can result in unreliable failover, application performance issues and other unexpected application behaviors after failover. SIOS’ unique application recovery kits provide application-specific intelligence to ensure clusters are configured accurately and that failovers maintain best practices.

Application Recovery Kits (ARKs)

Application Recovery Kits (ARKs) include tools and utilities that allow LifeKeeper to manage and control a specific application or service. When an ARK is installed for a specific application, LifeKeeper is able to monitor the health of the application and automatically recover the application if it fails. These Recovery Kits are non-intrusive and require no changes within the application in order for it to be protected by LifeKeeper.

There is a comprehensive library of ‘off-the-shelf’ Application Recovery Kits available as part of the SIOS Protection Suite portfolio. The types and quantity of ARKs supplied vary based on the edition of SIOS Protection Suite purchased.

ARKS add Intelligence
To maintain SAP best practices, the SIOS ERS Application Recovery Kit in SIOS Protection Suite ensures that, in the event of a failover, ERS is located on a different server than the SAP application.