Clusters for Physical Server Environments

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Physical Servers

High Availability Clusters for Physical Servers

SIOS cluster software provides the enterprise-grade high availability, reliability, and flexibility needed for your most important applications when operating in physical server environments. Use SIOS Protection Suite for Linux to protect critical Linux applications like SAP and databases such as Oracle, MySQL, or Postgres.  SIOS DataKeeper provides a unique software add-on to Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clusters (WSFC) to allow Microsoft Clusters and SQL Server workloads to run on physical servers without a SAN.

SIOS software lets you use your choice of industry-standard hardware to create high availability clusters.  You can use shared storage in a SAN environment or simple, low-cost local storage. Use SIOS software to add DR protection to an existing cluster or to provide complete failover protection in Windows or Linux environments where shared storage clusters are impossible or impractical, such as cloud, virtual servers, and high-performance storage environments.

Easy to use. Easy to own. The intuitive SIOS interface lets you configure and begin using a SANless cluster in minutes. SIOS also makes monitoring and management of your clusters easy with a user-friendly management console that lets you monitor the status of protected servers, communication paths, resources, and applications.

Application and Data Protection for Server using Real-Time Replication

SIOS clusters allow high availability configurations using a local LAN and high speed synchronous block-level replication.

SIOS software uses real-time replication to synchronize storage on the primary server with storage on a standby server located in the same data center, in your disaster recovery site, or both. This allows you to build high availability and disaster recovery configurations flexibly; Two node or multi-node.

SIOS block level replication is highly optimized for performance. You can even use super fast, high-speed locally attached storage such as PCIe flash type storage devices on your physical servers to achieve very low cost, high performance, high availability configurations.  Your data is protected on the flash device and your application too.

You can mix and match SAN-based clusters with SIOS SANless clusters.  Just add SIOS SANless cluster software to a SAN-based cluster and put the third node into a remote data center or the cloud and achieve full disaster recovery protection.  In the event of a disaster, the standby remote physical server is brought into service automatically with no data loss, eliminating the hours needed for restoration from backup media.

Key Benefits of SIOS High Availability Clustering for Physical Servers


  • Build a cluster with your choice of hardware, software and Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Choose local storage or shared storage in single-site or in a multi-site, multi-node configuration
  • Use LAN or WAN network configurations for high-speed synchronous or asynchronous storage replication
  • Add disaster recovery to an existing SAN-based cluster

Cost Savings

  • No need for costly SAN storage hardware.
  • Use existing servers and low-cost local storage.
  • No costly vendor lock-in. Eliminate the need for identical hardware at the source and destination.

Less Risk

  • Eliminate the single point of failure risk of shared storage.

Ease of Use

  • No need for complex SAN setup
  • Simple installation
  • Intuitive console for easy ongoing monitoring and management.

Migrating to a Cloud High Availability Environment

SIOS adds the flexibility to easily migrate a physical server environment to a high availability cluster in the cloud. Add SIOS DataKeeper to a Windows Server Failover Clustering environment to create a SANless cluster in Azure, AWS or other public cloud. Use SIOS Protection Suite for high availability for Linux applications in cloud and hybrid cloud environments.