Customized Professional High Availability Services

SIOS offers a variety of customized professional services to meet the needs of customers that go beyond the scope of our packaged services. 

The SIOS White Glove Support Service

The White Glove Service for SIOS products is a premium installation and service offering that provides assistance to customers from initial proof-of-concept (PoC) testing through the Go-Live phase with installation, testing, documentation, and health checks of the SIOS solution.  Providing customers with the highest levels of assurance that SIOS software is properly installed, configured, tuned, tested, and ready to meet the customer and business needs. 

Many of today’s IT teams have tight deadlines, and aggressive schedules and cannot afford the risk of a misconfiguration, or a latent error appearing later.  In order to mitigate schedule pressures and configuration risks, they require experienced technologists with specialized expertise in both the operation of business critical applications and High Availability/Disaster Recovery solutions.  

The SIOS White Glove service provides expert SIOS installation, configuration, and customer support services for UAT setup through Production cutover (such as go-live activities). Customers deploying with minimal SIOS or OS specific knowledge can be confident their HA configuration will be professionally completed. Customers with previous experience can tap into engineering resources for consulting and review of run books, go-live activities, and test results. 

The outcome of the SIOS White Glove Support is a stable SIOS HA cluster (including quorum/witness), reduced risk of downtime due to implementation failures, increased confidence that the HA solution is probably configured and aligned with SIOS best practices, and reduced cost due to lost time.

White Glove Support includes:

  • Assigned executive sponsor
  • Review of existing infrastructure to understand the environment and requirements.
  • Project planning including a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Support for automated deployments and supported installation customization
  • Installation of SIOS High Availability (HA) software on the cluster nodes in a non-production environment (2 Nodes + Quorum/Witness).
  • Retrieval of SIOS software (latest release available)
  • Assistance with permanent license retrieval and installation
  • Free trial keys for extended PoCs
  • Up to 2 one-hour sessions for Q&A of go-live project plans based on PoC/UAT or Trial phases

Validation and Verification Including:

  • Health Check Assessment
  • Assistance with basic Trial/PoC Testing and troubleshooting
  • Test result review and sign off on Trial/PoC test results
  • Review of production go-live procedures
  • Assistance with go-live WBS
  • Review of installation procedures for go-live preparedness
  • Additional support (up to eight pre-scheduled hours)

Go-Live Support

  • Managed check-ins the week after go-live
  • Review of final run book
  • One additional run book review for the first planned upgrade, DR Test, or planned maintenance activity

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