The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Disaster Protection for SAP HANA

SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux delivers multitarget protection from downtime and disasters

SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux with HANA Multitarget feature provides automated high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) protection for HANA databases. It allows you to extend a traditional two-node failover cluster to include additional nodes in DR location(s) without the need for complex scripting or cumbersome administration tasks.

LifeKeeper supports synchronous or asynchronous block level replication from the primary HANA node to up to three secondary nodes using block level HANA System Replication (HSR). LifeKeeper automatically orchestrates failover and manages replication to DR site for hands free recovery from faults, failures and disasters.

Three-node HANA Multitarget Configuration

The application (1) runs on primary Node A located in Datacenter 1, Region 1. HSR replicates storage from Node A to both secondary Nodes B and C (2). If SIOS LifeKeeper detects an availability issue, it automatically orchestrates an application failover from Node A to Node B and switches DR replication so that node B replicates to Node C (3) maintaining DR protection. When normal operation is restored to Node A, LifeKeeper automatically restores original replication settings with a single click.

Automated HANA HA/DR for up to four cluster nodes

The HANA application recovery kit (ARK) for SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux provides HANA-specific intelligence and automation of manual configuration and administration tasks saving time and eliminating risk of human error. SIOS LifeKeeper auto-validates user input during configuration and automates monitoring, failover, and replication management to deliver reliable failover in compliance with SAP best practices.

Failover across regions and availability zones

SIOS LifeKeeper provides configuration flexibility allowing you to create a cluster with nodes in different AWS regions and Availability Zones for local, regional, and sitewide disaster protection. You can also create an on-premises cluster with a DR node in the cloud.

Optimize HANA performance with read-enabled secondary nodes

Just as in a two-node SIOS cluster, the HANA Multitarget feature enables you to use one cluster node as a read-enabled (active/active) secondary node for read-intensive tasks to balance workloads and improve the overall HANA database performance.

Monitoring of the entire IT stack

Unlike traditional clustering software that simply monitors cluster node operating status, SIOS LifeKeeper monitors the entire IT stack – including network, storage, operating system, application, and hardware – and communicates with all associated cluster nodes. Comprehensive monitoring enables LifeKeeper to detect and respond to downtime threats faster and more accurately.

Avoiding the need for failovers

If LifeKeeper detects an issue, it automatically takes steps to restart the database to avoid the need for failover. If a failover is necessary, it automatically moves operation to a secondary node in the cluster and raises that node to primary status and it automatically begins replicating to the DR node(s).

Fast Switchover, Near Zero Downtime Maintenance

SIOS LifeKeeper leverages HANA takeover with handshake functionality, preloading in-memory data for fast switchover and near-zero downtime maintenance.

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