Oracle High Availability

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Oracle Applications

SIOS clustering software provides an easy way to protect business-critical applications and ERPs running on Oracle Database from downtime and disasters. SIOS ensure you meet strict application availability requirements, maintain customer satisfaction, and keep your business running.

Industry-Leading Flexibility for Oracle High Availability

SIOS LifeKeeper software enables complete configuration flexibility to protect Oracle applications and databases in combination of physical, virtual, or cloud environment.

Your Choice of Storage

Create a traditional shared storage cluster or use integrated host-based replication to synchronize local storage for a share-nothing cluster on-premises or in the cloud. Use with local SSD storage for cost-efficient high performance. You get Oracle high availability and disaster recovery protection without the cost and single point of failure risk of a SAN.

Comprehensive Oracle Protection

Unlike other Oracle clustering solutions that only monitor for server operation, SIOS LifeKeeper monitors the health of servers, network connections, storage, all Oracle processes, and any associated applications. Problems are immediately corrected via a set of policy-defined actions ensuring fast recovery without disruption to end users. In environments running Oracle RAC, SIOS LifeKeeper monitors application stack components not specifically protected by Oracle itself, such as applications, servers and network connections. SIOS provides high availability and disaster recovery protection at a fraction of the cost of Oracle RAC.

Save on Oracle Licensing Costs

SIOS LifeKeeper supports Oracle Standard Edition for high availability and disaster recovery  protection for a fraction of the cost of upgrading to Enterprise Edition.

Application-Aware Protection

The SIOS Oracle application recovery kit ensure your Oracle applications and/or Oracle Databases are moved to secondary cluster node(s) quickly and efficiently. Applications awareness enables SIOS LifeKeeper to automatically manage boot orders, service dependencies and other application-specific requirements for smooth failover.

Consistent HA Protections for Windows or Linux

SIOS has clustering products for Windows or leading Linux distributions including Red Hat, SUSE, and Oracle Linux operating systems. With SIOS LifeKeeper, Oracle users can rest assured that the entire application infrastructure is protected against both planned and unplanned downtime. SIOS makes it simple to quickly build protection modules for internally developed applications and ensures that complete application protection can be achieved simply and at low cost.

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