Financial Services

For banks, credit unions, payment services, and other financial services organizations, a few minutes of downtime for critical system can be expensive and detrimental to both the organization and its brand. Downtime can cause customer dissatisfaction, negative press and social media, drained IT resources, regulatory issues, and reduced end user productivity.

SIOS clustering software provides flexible, cost-efficient high availability (99.99% application uptime) and disaster protection for a wide range of critical transactional, processing, and administrative system, including, accounting, online banking, payment management, mobile stock trading, peer-to-peer lending and many more; on premises and in cloud, hybrid cloud, and multicloud environments.

  • Protect transactional, processing and administrative financial systems in Windows or Linux environments
  • Monitor and protect application operation and availability
  • Move critical systems to the cloud without sacrificing HA or configuration flexibility
  • Minimize the need for failover with automatic restart functionality
  • Reliable failover with application-specific intelligence

HA in the Cloud

Cloud infrastructure does not automatically provide application-level HA or disaster recovery protection. Cloud availability service-level agreements apply only to the hardware, which may not ensure that an application or database remains accessible.

SIOS HA clustering for applications in the cloud fails over across both cloud regions and availability zones. Traditional shared storage clustering in the cloud is costly and complex to configure, and is sometimes not available. SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition provides block-level replication to synchronize local storage among each cluster node. This enables a standby node to access an identical copy of the primary node storage and an RPO of zero.

Meet Stringent Availability SLAs

SIOS clustering software monitors application availability and if a threat is detected, this software moves the application operations to a standby server where operation continues with minimal downtime and near zero data loss.

Disaster Recovery

Some applications need protection from disasters that damage the local IT infrastructure on premises or in the cloud. SIOS clustering software enables failover across geographically separated cluster nodes and across cloud regions and availability zones for complete DR protection.


Case Studies

HA/DR for Financial Services