SIOS Cloud Availability Symposium 2023 – SQL Server Sessions

Discover the can’t-miss sessions at this year’s SIOS Cloud Availability Symposium – SQL Server!

The SIOS Cloud Availability Symposium promises to be a veritable feast of expertise from some of the biggest names in the cloud industry, including AWS, and Microsoft.

Disaster Recovery Mastery – SQL Server Session will feature presentations that cover high availability and disaster recovery for SQL Server, providing IT professionals with valuable insights and best practices to ensure business continuity. With real-world examples and practical insights, expert speakers will discuss the nuances and best practices of HA/DR for specific industries with SQL Server environments and offer guidance on optimizing configuration and management. Check out the session lineup:

Understanding SQL Server Storage Options in Cloud

presented by Joey D’Antoni

One of the most complex aspects of cloud computing, specifically as it relates to database servers, is choosing the right storage options. Sure, you can get sub-millisecond latency, but how much does that cost, and does your application really need it? In this Symposium session, presented by Joey D’Antoni SQL Server MVP and Principal Consultant, you will learn about all of the options available to you for cloud storage, like SIOS DataKeeper, Amazon FSx, FSx OnTap, and others, how they work in conjunction with your favorite high availability solutions, and how to make those hard storage decisions.

Navigating Cloud SLAs and Ensuring Application-Level Resilience

presented by Dave Bermingham

Confusion persists regarding cloud SLAs, particularly concerning application-level considerations for critical software like SAP, SQL Server, and Oracle. Determining the necessary level of availability, be it standard availability, high availability, or disaster recovery protection, for your cloud-hosted applications is crucial. Join us in for this Symposium session as we discuss strategies for achieving your high availability and disaster recovery objectives for mission-critical applications 9in the cloud.

High Availability Strategies for 24/7 Operations in FinServ

presented by Todd Doane

In the world of financial services, minutes or even seconds of downtime can be make-or-break moments. This Symposium session explores cost-efficient best practices, ensuring the protection and continuous operation of your transactional, processing, and administrative financial systems in both Windows and Linux environments. Discover how to withstand hardware failures, administrator errors, routine maintenance, and even site-wide disasters with confidence.

Mastering Disaster Recovery for SQL Server in BMS

presented by Todd Doane

Whether you’re an experienced IT professional or new to BMS, this Symposium session guarantees actionable insights to establish an unshakable SQL Server environment, ensuring system uptime in any scenario, and keeping your BMS applications always within reach. Todd Doane, SIOS Solution Architect discusses real-world success stories and tangible advantages gained from embracing high availability solutions tailored specifically to the challenges of Building Management Systems (BMS).

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