SIOS Technology Corp. makes software solutions that provide the instantaneous insight, actionable recommendations and high availability protection, that IT managers need to optimize and protect business critical application environments.

Optimizing Application Operations in VMware Environments

SIOS iQ is a next generation machine learning analytics solution designed to be your first stop for answers to important VMware infrastructure questions. It is an extraordinarily simple solution that can be installed and running in your VMware infrastructure in less than 15 minutes and immediately deliver results with minimal configuration and no agents. It automatically learns infrastructure and application behaviors to instantaneously identify anomalies in the environment and provide essential recommendations to solve difficult problems in complex virtual environments.

Cluster Protection Made Flexible and Easy

SIOS software makes high availability clusters easy to use and easy to own. Add SIOS DataKeeper to a Windows Server Failover Clustering environment to create a SANless cluster where traditional shared storage clusters are impossible or impractical or add replication for disaster protection in your SAN-based Windows clusters. Fast, efficient host-based replication synchronizes local storage on local and remote cluster nodes, creating a SANLess cluster in environments where shared storage is impossible or impractical.

SIOS Protection Suite gives you the flexibility to build SAN or SANLess clusters for Linux environments using a wide array of storage devices, including direct attached storage, iSCSI, Fibre Channel and more. Whether you need local high availability within a single site, or fast, efficient disaster recovery across multiple sites, SIOS Protection Suite meets all your business continuity needs.