How to Install a SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition License Key

How to Availability
Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Once you have installed SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition software and have activated your license, you will need to install your license key before you can get started. This 4-minute video will review how to install SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition software and demonstrate how to activate your license to get started protecting your critical applications.

Watch as a SIOS support representative demonstrates each of the three key prerequisites required to install SIOS licenses: ensuring you have the latest version and updates of SIOS DataKeeper software; use our simple license key manager to validate your activated licenses from purchased entitlements, download and apply license keys and start your SIOS DataKeeper software.

This video also walks through the process of accessing our SIOS Documentation portal, where you can find release notes, installation guides, technical documentation, and information detailing SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition as well as a wide range of topics on everything SIOS.

View tips and convenient insights on how to complete steps fast and simply. Now you can begin protecting your critical applications with SIOS DataKeeper clustering software.


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