SIOS software solution are designed to help IT with the daily challenges of ensuring their business-critical application environments meet the most   stringent service level requirements.

SIOS iQ Machine Learning Analytics

SIOS iQ software solution is a next-generation machine learning analytics solution that brings powerful insights, simulations, and recommendations helping IT quickly and easily find, fix and optimize operations for performance and efficiency.

  • Optimize resource utilization: Identify unnecessary snapshots, idle VMs undersized/oversized VMs and rogue VMDKs.
  • Identify root causes of performance issues: Instantaneously identify root causes and recommended solutions to application performance issues
  • Take the guesswork out of storage acceleration: Find out whether accelerating host storage through host-based caching, all-flash arrays, hybrid storage or hyperconverged environments will meet your application performance requirements. Get automatic recommendations of optimal cache configurations, and predictions of performance gains
  • Ensure Failover Protection: Automatically detect whether your application can tolerate a host failure.
  • Forecast future performance and capacity issues: Automatically get forecasts with unparalleled insights and accuracy for proactive management of your infrastructure and budget

SIOS SAN and SANless Clusters: High Availability where Clusters are Impractical or Impossible

SIOS DataKeeper and SIOS Protection Suite software allows you to build Clusters Your Way™ to make high availability protection for business critical applications easy to implement and easy to manage. Use SIOS software to add disaster protection to your traditional SAN-based cluster or to create a SANLess cluster for high availability in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment where shared storage is not an option. Simply add SIOS software to your cluster configuration to gain the flexibility to protect any combination of physical, virtual, cloud, or high performance storage configuration without the need for shared storage.