SIOS Technology Corp. makes machine learning analytics and high availability cluster software products that are designed to free IT from the complexity and daily challenges of supporting and optimizing computing infrastructures. SIOS high availability clusters and machine learning analytics product enable them to deliver the critical application services their enterprises depend on. SIOS products add the intelligence, automation, flexibility, high availability, and ease-of-use that IT managers need to optimize and protect business critical applications in large, complex data centers.

SIOS innovates across two main product lines:

  • SIOS SAN and SANless clustering products for Clusters Your WayTM
  • SIOS iQTM machine learning analytics

High Availability and Disaster Protection with SIOS SAN and SANless Clusters

SIOS SAN-based and SANLess clustering solutions provide high availability and DR for mission critical applications in physical, virtual, cloud or hybrid cloud environments. SIOS clustering software is an essential ingredient for almost any cluster solution that provides the flexibility to build Clusters Your Way to protect your choice of Windows or Linux environments in any configuration (or combination) of physical, virtual and cloud (public, private, and hybrid) without sacrificing performance or availability.

Machine-Learning-based Analytics for Hands-free Issue Resolution and IT Infrastructure Optimization

SIOS iQ software provides next-generation-leading machine learning analytics solution that brings powerful insights, simulations, and recommendations helping IT quickly and easily find, fix and optimize operations for performance and efficiency.

SIOS iQ is a machine learning analytics software product that helps IT managers optimize performance, efficiency, reliability, and capacity utilization of business critical applications in VMware environments. SIOS iQ is your primary source for optimizing and resolving issues, forecasting performance and capacity needs, and eliminating wasted virtual resources. Unlike legacy monitoring tools use thresholds to measure a single parameter (i.e., CPU utilization), overwhelming you with alert storms and false positives without providing context, insight, or actionable recommendations for resolution.