SIOS products add real-time block-level replication and configuration flexibility in Windows Server and Windows Server Failover Clustering environments.

Efficient Disaster Recovery with SIOS DataKeeper Standard Edition

SIOS DataKeeper Standard Edition adds disaster recovery to Windows environments by keeping real-time copies of data synchronized across multiple servers and data centers. It protects data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments and provides enterprise-class protection for all server workloads at a fraction of the cost of array-based replication.

Incredibly Fast Replication Across Local and Wide Area Networks
SIOS DataKeeper Standard Edition is a lightweight, host-based solution that minimizes the performance impact of replication on your application servers and network. It keeps real-time copies of data synchronized across multiple servers and data centers for fast, efficient disaster recovery.

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SAN and SANless Clustering Protection with SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition

SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition is an ingredient that integrates seamlessly with Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) to add performance-optimized host-based replication. SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition is an easy, cost-efficient way to add disaster protection to your SAN-based WSFC environment or to provide a SANless WSFC cluster protection where shared storage clusters are impossible or impractical, such as cloud, virtual, and high performance storage environments.  SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition is the only Microsoft Azure certified high availability clustering protection in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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