SIOS Technology Corp. makes software products that protect data and applications from downtime, while eliminating complexity, and reducing labor costs. SIOS products make clusters in both SAN and #SANLess environments easy to use and easy to own. By removing the configuration limitations of traditional clusters, SIOS products give enterprise data managers the freedom to run applications in the environment that best meets their needs – Window or Linux – and any configuration (or combination) of physical, virtual, and cloud (public, private, and hybrid).

Clusters Your Way.™

SIOS SAN and #SANLess cluster software – an essential ingredient in any cluster solution, provides the flexibility to build clusters your way – with your choice of industry-standard hardware, software, storage, and networking – to protect your business critical applications– without sacrificing performance or availability. Our unique #SANLess clustering solutions eliminate both the cost and the single-point-of-failure risk of traditional shared storage SAN environments.

SIOS Technology Corp., is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and has offices throughout the United States,
United Kingdom, and Japan.