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  • Products for Windows

    SIOS software is an important ingredient that adds configuration flexibility and disaster protection in your Window Server environment. Use SIOS software to add fast, efficient replication to your SAN-based Windows Server Failover Clustering environment or create a SIOS #SANLess cluster to protect environments where shared storage clusters are impossible or impractical, such as cloud, virtual, and high performance environments.

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  • #SANLess Clusters for Virtual Server Environments

    SIOS #SANLess software enables you to create high availability clusters in virtual server environments, such as VMware without sacrificing flexibility or important features.

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  • #SANLess Clusters for Cloud

    SIOS #SANLess software lets you create a multinode cluster using instances available in the cloud. SIOS lets you take full advantage of the flexibility and cost savings possible in cloud environments without sacrificing performance, availability or disaster protection.

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  • #SANLess Clusters for SSD Storage

    SIOS #SANLess software lets you build a cluster using only local storage – including high performance PCIe-based Flash or SSDs. No costly SAN hardware to buy. No risk of SAN single-point-of-failure. You get protection from downtime and significantly faster performance (and more productive end users) for a fraction of the cost of a SAN-based solution.

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What is a #SANLess Cluster?

SIOS #SANLess cluster software lets you build a cluster using local attached storage. Real time replication keeps storage synchronized for easy, cost-efficient failover and disaster protection without the cost, risk, and configuration limitations of a SAN.


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