Protecting SQL Server on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

High Performance and High Availability for SQL Server on Google Cloud Platform

SIOS DataKeeper is recognized by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the only high availability clustering solution that enables the accelerated delivery of high-availability SQL Server clusters and other business-critical applications in GCP. SIOS DataKeeper enables Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) environments to protect applications in GCP without the need for shared storage. With it, SIOS DataKeeper lets organizations run their important applications in the cloud without sacrificing the high availability and disaster protection they have come to expect from failover clustering environments.

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SQL High Availability Cluster in Google Cloud Platform
Organizations are often prevented from moving their business-critical applications, such as SQL Server, to public cloud environments where shared storage – a prerequisite for failover clustering – is not available. By adding SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition to a WSFC environment, companies can create a high availability SANless cluster, eliminating the need for shared (SAN) storage and enabling customers to capitalize on the benefits of GCP. Companies can use SIOS DataKeeper with SQL Server Standard Edition to create a SQL high availability cluster without the cost of Enterprise Edition licensing.

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