SIOS Technology Provides High Availability For Critical Applications in Airports

Failures of mission-critical systems in airports can quickly cause chaos and prove costly, which is why many airports look to implement effective failover solutions. SIOS Technology assists several large airports with high availability of critical applications and putting disaster recovery solutions in place.

In this video, Margaret Hoagland, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at SIOS Technology, discusses high availability in airports, different critical applications airports run and the consequences should they fail. Hoagland goes into detail about how SIOS Technology helps protect these critical applications.

Key highlights of this video:

  • Hoagland talks about some of the misconceptions around high availability, such as when an application is put in the cloud, the cloud is providing infrastructure high availability not necessarily application-level high availability. She explains how this is where SIOS Technology comes in to bridge that gap.
  • Since airports run various service applications, whereby everything is deadline-driven and dependent on one another, this presents a number of challenges for high availability. Hoagland discusses the sorts of airport applications they protect, such as video surveillance monitoring systems and card swipers for access control.
  • Hoagland explains some of the different scenarios in which SIOS Technology assists customers with disaster recovery, saying that some put systems on-premises with a node or a disaster recovery site in the cloud or they run them in the cloud and have a disaster recovery location on-prem. She talks us through some of the main challenges their customers encounter and how their application recovery kits can help with failover.
  • Airports are continuously running critical applications, which need high availability. Hoagland talks about the chaos that occurs should these high availability applications fail and why even seemingly non-critical applications like baggage handling systems are in fact critical and can have significant knock-on effects with other applications.
  • Hoagland goes into detail about how SIOS Technology’s solutions help airports maintain high availability for their systems, telling us that the application or data is run on a server that is connected to a secondary server or multiple secondary ones. She discusses how their software detects potential failures and she explains the failover process in this scenario.
  • SIOS Technology’s solutions are being used by several large international airports for protecting baggage handling, card swipers for security, ticketing, and reservation, and arrival and departure boards. Hoagland talks about the negative consequences of downtime in any of these critical systems.
  • SIOS Technology works with any industry that has highly critical systems that are essential to the success of the business, such as manufacturing and healthcare.

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