Protecting Your Applications With Hammers

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Let’s talk about applications, availability, and hammers. Yes, hammers: Big hammers, like technologies designed to fail over a high availability cluster to a remote site if disaster strikes your mission critical SAP or Oracle system, as well as smaller hammers designed for more precise jobs, like restarting a stalled background service if that’s all that’s causing that SAP landscape to appear unavailable.

Many organizations think only about the big hammers. They need to be sure that their mission critical systems will fail over and continue operating if the worst comes to pass. But most application availability issues don’t involve worst case scenarios, which means that the big hammer is not always the best tool to rely on when protecting application availability.

Clearly a range of tools is in order, and most of these will take the form of application-aware clustering technologies that can monitor and proactively respond to conditions arising in a given operational environment.


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