Impact Of Great Resignation On High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Every industry has been affected by the great resignation (or shuffle), and the world has discovered brand new opportunities, thanks to remote work. But when it comes to technology, such a mass exodus has immediate and lasting ramifications. We invited Cassius Rhue, VP of Customer Experience at SIOS Technology, to talk about the company’s experience, how the great resignation has affected the high availability and disaster recovery and what can be done about it.

Key highlights of the discussion:

  • In 2021, we saw what many call the big shuffle or massive resignations across industries. What impact is it going to have on the high availability space and specifically when it is about keeping critical applications up and running?

“Every industry has been impacted by the great resignation or great shuffle or some of this awakening to new opportunities that are now available because the whole world went into this kind of remote work for many different industries. It created these opportunities for people to begin to consider work in places they hadn’t before and that has had a huge impact on high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR). Mainly as teams and people change roles and jobs and leave roles within an IT team responsible for critical HA infrastructure that leaves a lot of those teams scrambling to cover that loss of a person.”

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