Comparison: High Availability Options for Azure SQL Server

An abundance of options is not always a blessing. Sometimes it just creates confusion. Consider the options that present themselves if you want to configure a mission-critical SQL Server infrastructure for high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) on Azure. You could run SQL Server on multiple virtual machines (VMs) configured as a Windows Failover Cluster Instance with the VMs spread across Fault Domains or across multiple Azure Availability Zones.


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Lessons from the NFL: Avoid an Identity Crisis

So, how did a team that was architected to thrive with a balanced attack based on running the ball, falter? In his article, Jones outlines that while the Chiefs were a good team, the crux of the matter comes down to a loss of identity during pressure by the Ravens. And while you may not be a Ravens fan or a Chiefs fan, there is an important lesson for HA experts, “Don’t lose your identity when the pressure rises.”

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SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux Admin Training available on Udemy

SIOS Admin training, previously accessible primarily through prescheduled bi-monthly events, is now available on-demand through Udemy.

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