Announcing Version 8.7.2 of SIOS Protection Suite-Windows and DataKeeper Cluster Edition

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We are pleased to announce the release of SIOS Protection Suite for Windows version 8.7.2 including DataKeeper Cluster Edition.  The new release features the following:

New Oracle Pluggable Databases (PDB) Application Recovery Kit

  • Oracle Pluggable Database is recommended on Oracle 19c and required on Oracle 20c onward
  • No additional SIOS license required for the SIOS Protection Suite PDB application recovery kit but an existing Oracle resource is needed.

Support for additional platforms and operating systems, including: Azure Stack (Hub) (to include Windows Server 2019), vSphere 7, and PostgreSQL 12. For our full list of supported products, visit the SIOS Protection Suite – Windows 8.7.2 support matrix.

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