SIOS Protection Suite for Linux Now Features Enhanced High Availability for SAP S/4HANA in Cloud Environments

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SIOS is pleased to announce the GA release of SIOS Protection Suite for Linux version 9.5.2 clustering software. Our latest release features enhanced automation and application failover orchestration that makes creating and managing high availability (HA) clusters in complex SAP S/4HANA environments easier and more reliable for enterprises.
New features and capabilities in SIOS Protection Suite for Linux 9.5.2, include:

  • Enhanced, comprehensive Support for HA in Google Cloud Platform with the addition of SIOS Internal Load Balancer tool designed to orchestrate efficient IP management during switchovers and failovers.
  • Enhanced ability to automate interactions with SIOS LifeKeeper with products such as Ansible.
  • Near-Zero Downtime for Switchover During Planned Maintenance. Supports a HANA “Takeover with Handshake” eliminating the potentially time-consuming process of shutting down the primary HANA server database for switchover, allowing to perform planned maintenance without disrupting ongoing service to end-users.
  • Empowering customers by making SAP logging easier to use and take action on.

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