Cloud Experts Answer Important SAP S/4HANA High Availability FAQs

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Protecting critical applications such as SAP and SAP HANA from downtime and disasters is a top priority for most IT teams – even more so given recent headlines.  A group of SAP and HANA  experts will provide important insights, advice, and lessons learned from their decades of experience at the SIOS Cloud Availability Symposium – on September 22 (EU, Middle East, Africa) time zones, and September 23 (Americas time zones). Register once for access to all sessions

Arun Sivadas, AWSWhat should I consider before running an SAP workload in AWS?

Partner Solution Architect specializing in SAP at AWS, Arun Sivadas will discuss key issues to consider as you plan to run an SAP workload in AWS. Join Arun for: Considerations for Running SAP Workloads in AWS – learn more and register

How Do I Define High Availability and Disaster Recovery Requirements for SAP in the Cloud?

Bobby Jagdev, SAP expert, shares his analysis of leading options for HA an DR and provides guidance on choosing the option that is best suited to your needs. How To Define High Availability and Disaster Recovery Requirements for SAP in the Cloud learn more and register


What are the Best Practices for HA and DR for SAP in Microsoft Azure?

Evren Buyruk is a Senior Microsoft Azure Solution Architect who specializes in SAP on Azure Implementations as a part of the Microsoft Partner Success Team. Konstantin Popov is a Senior Technology Specialist at Microsoft in EMEA region. Evren and Konstantin will discuss benefits of migrating SAP and SAP S/4HANA applications to the Azure cloud and how to provide high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) for your critical systems. SAP on Azure-with strategies for disaster recovery and high availability learn more and register

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