How to Relocate a Bitmap to Ephemeral Storage or a Faster (SSD) Drive in DataKeeper Cluster Edition

SIOS LifeKeeper
Reading Time: < 1 minutes

In this 6 minute video, Greg Tucker, SIOS Senior Product (Windows) Support Engineer will train you on
the following items in detail:

      • Performance
      • What is a Bitmap or Intent log?
      • Why it is and how it is used with DataKeeper Cluster Edition
        • How to properly relocate the bitmaps
        • Drive size requirement
        • Create the drive
          • Create the directory for the bitmaps
          • Modify the BitmapBaseDir locale in the Registry
      • How to identify if the bitmaps are in their proper location and if they are running efficiently

At the end you are directed to Customer Support contact info in the event you have further questions.

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