How To Move A Mirror from One Network to Another

How to
Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Greg Tucker, SIOS Senior Product (Windows) Support Engineer provides an 8-minute tutorial demonstrating how to move a mirror on a two-node system.
In addition, he discusses:

  • Why should I have my mirror on a designated network?
    • Answer is: to improve performance and to avoid a full resync
  • When should I perform this task?
    • Answer: as quickly as possible if you’ve noticed any changes
  • Does it require any downtime?
    • Answer is: No downtime as this is a “Highly Available” task
  • How many nodes in my cluster can I change my IP address?
    • Answer is: 3 nodes or less

Upon completion of the tutorial Greg shares all SIOS Support contact info for further questions or inquiries.

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