SIOS DataKeeper™, an AWS Customer Ready Solution: High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server

AWS High Availability
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More and more companies are looking to run SQL Server in the cloud to take advantage of the flexibility and cost-savings that it delivers. However, many cloud migration projects have been plagued by confusion about high availability protection options in the cloud where the shared storage needed for traditional failover clusters is not available. IT teams are understandably cautious. Downtime for these databases and the applications running on them can have costly consequences, including interruption of essential business operations, reduced end-user productivity, and poor customer satisfaction.

High Availability Options in AWS

But, good news! IT teams have more high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) protection options in the cloud than many realize. You can even save thousands of dollars while still delivering comprehensive HA failover clustering protection for Microsoft SQL Server in AWS.

To simplify and accelerate the deployment of high availability SQL Server clusters in the cloud, Amazon Web Services is offering SIOS DataKeeper™ Cluster Edition on AWS Marketplace and can be deployed automatically using an AWS Quick Start. The AWS Quick Start deployment is perfect for organizations starting their venture into high availability clusters in the cloud.

With the AWS Quick Start program, system administrators and managers can use the SIOS Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) on AWS Marketplace to see firsthand how easy it is to deploy a two-node SQL Server cluster in AWS with SIOS DataKeeper™. The SIOS AMIs on AWS Marketplace provide a customer-ready solution to protect business-critical applications in AWS.

SIOS DataKeeper™ Cluster Edition for HA & DR in AWS

SIOS DataKeeper™ Cluster Edition is the first high availability and disaster recovery solution to combine fully automated, application-centric clustering and efficient data replication. SIOS DataKeeper™ integrates seamlessly into Windows Server Failover Clustering environments, enabling them to work in a cloud where shared storage is not possible.

SIOS, an APN Standard Technology Partner, solves the problem of HA and DR by replicating your SQL Server data between availability zones and/or Regions on AWS and integrates with failover clusters to allow you to build SANless clusters on AWS. SIOS DataKeeper™ overcomes the lack of a SAN on AWS, enabling you to build failover cluster instances just using local attached storage.

Leverage the AWS Quick Start to set up an AWS environment for SIOS DataKeeper™ Cluster Edition and deploy it to your AWS account. This Quick Start uses AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy SIOS DataKeeper™ into a new or existing virtual private cloud (VPC).

View the SIOS Quick Start: SIOS Quick Start
View SIOS in AWS Marketplace: AWS Marketplace
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