How Application Recovery Kits Help With Application Intelligence And Configuration

The Application Recovery Kits (ARKs) that come with SIOS Lifekeeper provide application-specific intelligence while helping to automate the configuration process. With the HANA ARK, it will find the HANA instance during configuration and will present the customer with the instance. HANA ARK makes sure the input they get from the user is consistent with what they find. SIOS Technology’s SAP ARK is intelligent enough to know that ERS and ASCS should be hosted on separate nodes. Open source HA, on the other hand, does not have this level of intelligence or detailed configuration check as there is no validation of the input unlike HANA ARK. The Generic Application Recovery Kit allows a customer to use SIOS LifeKeeper and start, stop and check scripts for any application. Ian Allton, Solutions Architect at SIOS Technology, explains in further detail how ARKs work in this video.


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