VMblog Expert Interview: Applications, Availability and the Right Tool for the Job

VMblog recently had the chance to catch up with Jonathan Meltzer, Director, Product Management, at SIOS Technology to talk about high availability and using the right tools for the job.

Here is the first question in that interview.

VMblog:  Tell us what you mean when you say companies should consider deploying a selection of tools to respond to company- and application-specific availability challenges.

Jonathan Meltzer:  When your application fails, you don’t necessarily have to use a full cluster failover to restore operations. Failover is the biggest hammer in your toolbox. However, advanced clustering solutions offer several, more precise actions, or HA tools, that can be implemented before using the big hammer of failover. These actions, which may include restarting services or rebooting the server, can often quickly restore application availability.


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