Information Management: The Emerging Field of AIOps

AIOps Emerging field of IT data analytics softwareAIOps (algorithmic IT operations platforms) is a new term Gartner coined to describe the next phase of IT operations data analytics software. AIOps uses machine learning technology to automate the process of finding and fixing problems in virtual environments.

The Next Phase of IT Operations Data Analytics Software

Gartner estimates only five percent of businesses have an AIOps data analytics platform in place. However, during the next two years they expect that number to grow to 25 percent. It has several benefits. First, it replaces human intelligence with machine intelligence. Furthermore, IT managers can use the results of analytics to understand the complex interactions between the components in their virtual IT environment. Next, it instantaneously uncovers issues, correlates them to problems and recommends solutions.

AIOps platforms use machine learning to analyze data to learn how the parts of their virtual environment (VMs, network, storage, etc.) behave over time. Consequently, AIOps data analytics techniques can identify abnormal behavior and understand what is causing issues. Most noteworthy, advanced types of this software can even find and stop potential threats before they become application performance issues.

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