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It’s Time To Demystify Quorums

As I read through the SQL Server forums and field questions from IT pros, it surprises me how many are simply off-put by the mention of the word quorum. It’s a six-letter word treated like a part of our collective four letter vocabulary.

Quorum Defined: A voting mechanism to ensure correct ownership of cluster resources.A “quorum” in an IT-sense is simply a voting mechanism to ensure the correct ownership of a cluster. Most commonly, it’s used in conjunction with Always On (both Failover Cluster Instances and Availability Groups), Hyper-V Clusters and all Windows Server Failover Clusters.

The key isn’t to know where to use them it’s how to use them. I put together a short 30 minute webcast that dives into the a variety of quorum types most commonly used — including the pros, cons, and illustrations to demystify quorums and, dare I say, make them easy to understand. I also suggest tuning in after the 30 minute mark — we had some great questions come in as part of the Q&A.

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