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It’s Time To Demystify Quorums

As I read through the SQL Server forums and field questions from IT pros, it surprises me how many are simply off-put by the mention of the word quorum. It’s a six-letter word treated like a part of our collective four letter vocabulary.

Quorum Defined: A voting mechanism to ensure correct ownership of cluster resources.A “quorum” in an IT-sense is simply a voting mechanism to ensure the correct ownership of a cluster. Most commonly, it’s used in conjunction with Always On (both Failover Cluster Instances and Availability Groups), Hyper-V Clusters and all Windows Server Failover Clusters.

The key isn’t to know where to use them it’s how to use them. I put together a short 30 minute webcast that dives into the a variety of quorum types most commonly used — including the pros, cons, and illustrations to demystify quorums and, dare I say, make them easy to understand. I also suggest tuning in after the 30 minute mark — we had some great questions come in as part of the Q&A.

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Feb 25, 2015: Live Webinar – Clustering 101: Configuring a Windows Cluster Quorum – What You Need to Know

Are you wondering how your Microsoft cluster quorum should be configured? Microsoft MVP Dave Bermingham will simplify your quorum configuration options and give you the building blocks to better define or improve your cluster and quorum configuration. Dave will also break down quorum configurations based on your current server version, upgrade advantages and he’ll showcase some new options to achieve a majority and tackle interesting cases such as: What happens if you have no shared storage or want to use the cloud as a file share witness…

You can participate before the event by tweeting your questions to @SIOSTech using #Clustering101 and of course bring your own questions and comments.

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Date: February 25, 2014
Time: 10:00a PST — 1:00pm EST

About Clustering 101 Series

Clustering 101 is a webinar series hosted by Microsoft MVP, Dave Bermingham focused on addressing the numerous facets of clustering for high availability, data replication and any combination there of. This series will air monthly, the fourth Wednesday of the month at 10:00a PST / 1:00p EST.

About Dave Bermingham

David Bermingham is recognized within the technology community as a high availability expert and has been honored by his peers by being elected to be a Microsoft MVP in clustering since 2010. David’s work as director, technical evangelist at SIOS Technology Corp., has him focused on Microsoft high availability and disaster recovery solutions as well as providing hands on support, training and professional services for cluster implementations. David holds numerous technical certifications and draws from more than twenty years of experience in IT, including work in the finance, healthcare and education fields, to help organizations design solutions to meet their high availability and disaster recovery needs. Learn more at www.us.sios.com