Use SIOS iQ or SIOS iQ with vROps Injection to monitor the status of your SQL Server environment in VMware environments. This ensures that your business critical SQL Server operations meet stringent service level requirements for performance, efficiency and availability. SIOS iQ provides an integrated workflow, that enables you to identify and resolve SQL Server performance issues faster and more accurately. SIOS iQ learns the behavior of interrelated objects across your network, infrastructure, storage, and applications over time to identify anomalies that can affect your SQL Server performance (efficiency, reliability, or capacity utilization). Seamless workflow integration with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor allows you to examine application-specific issues in detail. SIOS iQ automatically recommends specific steps for resolving issues for maximum performance and efficiency.

SIOS iQ captures data across the infrastructure and from the SQL environment to correlate performance issues in the application with abnormal behavior in the infrastructure to let you quickly and precisely understand which elements of the infrastructure are underlying issues.

SQL Server Performance Advisor Integration

SIOS iQ applies an advanced machine learning analytics/big data approach to a broad range of operations data arising from the infrastructure and applications including data from SQL Sentry Performance Advisor. SIOS iQ learns the behavior of interrelated objects (application, storage, network, etc.) in VMware environments over time to automatically distinguish between normal and anomalous behavior and between expected fluctuations and true issues. Its advanced machine learning technology automatically detects subtle issues that would typically be missed or hidden amid hundreds of unnecessary alerts in traditional methods.

In-Depth SQL Server Database Engine Analysis

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor is the unmatched solution for monitoring and managing all aspects of your SQL Server environment. It enables you to monitor SQL Server, its corresponding services, as well as Windows servers and VMware hosts. It collects and displays everything you need to fully understand how the SQL Server database engine is performing, and recommends what action to take to optimize performance.

By drilling down in the context of a performance issue reported in SIOS iQ, IT staff can investigate an infrastructure issue associated with a SQL performance event reported by Performance Advisor for deep analysis and resolution of a database performance problem.

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor provides sophisticated SQL Server performance related event detection designed by industry leading experts including the creation of your own custom events that can be adapted to any use case. With SIOS iQ and Performance Advisor working together, SQL Server related events reported by SQL Sentry are analyzed in the context of the entire infrastructure and correlated to anomalous behavior to provide a complete understanding of the problem and recommendations to resolve it.

Typical Scenarios

Database Latency Issue
In response to an email notification from SIOS iQ, an IT Administrator sees that a critical performance issue is reported on the SIOS iQ PERC Dashboard. He touches or clicks the issue and SIOS iQ presents a complete picture of all of the VMs, storage, and network objects involved in the event and a description of its root cause. SIOS iQ instantaneously identifies high IO latencies on a datastore caused by a backup running in one VM that is affecting the performance of another VM with a SQL Server instance hosted on it. SIOS iQ correlates it to an issue reported by SQL Sentry Performance Advisor which confirms that the detected latency negatively affects both the database and application that leverages this database. The IT administrator is able to understand and fully resolve the problem using the recommendations provided. He is also able to communicate the issue and its resolution to the DBA.

High Average Wait Time per User Session
A SQL Server Database Administrator receives a complaint from a user about application performance. Using SQL Sentry Performance Advisor he notices a high average wait time per user session event. He and the IT administrator try to determine whether the root cause is in the application or in the VMware environment. SIOS iQ identifies one VM as a root cause of the problem and associates it with a Low Page Life Expectancy event reported by SQL Sentry Performance Advisor. It also shows that this VM was causing issues on another VM that the DBA had suspected as the cause. SIOS iQ also associates the issue with a High Average Wait Time per User Session event reported by SQL Sentry Performance Advisor.

With a single touch both IT Administrator and DBA now have a clear picture of the ongoing problem. With recommendation from SIOS iQ and SQL Sentry Performance Advisor presented in SIOS iQ they addressed the root cause of a problem that was initiated by another database.