Get the Most Value from Your Investment in High Performance Storage

When application performance suffers because of storage resource contention, IT often chooses to configure any one of a variety of hardware and software solutions to achieve storage performance acceleration. These solutions may include host-based caching (HBC) using locally attached SSD’s, PCIe Flash, or storage network solutions such as all-flash arrays, or hybrid storage.

Storage Acceleration
SIOS iQ shows the optimal VMs for acceleration and provides configuration for optimal results, and predicts performance improvements.

However, the effectiveness of these approaches depends on correctly identifying the workloads that need acceleration and configuring the software and hardware appropriately. In a large infrastructure with hundreds or thousands of workloads, identifying the right storage targets, workloads and storage configuration can be extremely difficult. Until now, IT managers used rough approximations, inaccurate trial-and-error methods and general “rules of thumb” to identify workload candidates for storage acceleration and to determine how to configure high speed storage resources.

One Touch to Optimal Configuration

SIOS iQ provides a simple, intelligent way to quickly and optimally configure HBC, all-flash arrays, hybrid storage, or hyperconverged platforms. It analyzes the environment, including the actual blocks that are written, the read ratio, and the load profile to automatically identify the candidate VMs and their disks that would benefit from caching. SIOS iQ recommends the amount of cache to add and the cache block size to configure. It simulates the added performance that will be achieved from the recommended changes including the cache hit rate, the improved IOPs, and the reduced latency (improved response time).