Easy Clusters in Virtual Server Environments

SIOS SANLess software lets you create clusters in virtual server environments to protect important applications without adding unnecessary cost or complexity. SIOS software lets you create a cluster with virtual machines sitting on top of any hypervisor (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Xen and others).

HA Clusters in VMware without Raw Device Mapping

HA Clusters in VMware without Raw Device MappingSIOS software lets you create a cluster in VMware virtual server environments without the complexity and feature limitations of Raw Device Mapping.

It uses real-time replication to synchronize storage on the primary VM with storage on a standby VM located in the same data center, in your disaster recovery site, or both. In the event of a disaster, the standby VM can be brought into service with little to no data loss, eliminating the hours needed for restoration from backup media. You simply access the replicated VMs in the DR site directly.

Hyper-V Host Clusters

Hyper-V Host ClustersSIOS SANLess software allows you to cluster entire Microsoft Hyper-V host machines at the hypervisor level for complete VM portability and failover protection. By keeping a real-time copy of the running VM synchronized on an alternate Hyper-V host, SIOS allows you to easily failover or Live Migrate a VM from one Hyper-V host to another. You can move individual VMs or all of the VMs on a host to another Hyper-V host in the cluster to eliminate downtime.

SIOS software also lets you restore replicated VMs to perform disaster recovery testing without disruption to the production site. When testing is complete, SIOS software eliminates changes that were made on the target server during the testing and resumes the replication from where it stopped.