Configuration Flexibility for High Availability and Disaster Protection

Get easy, cost-efficient high availability and disaster protection. Use SIOS software to build a traditional shared storage cluster for high availability or a SIOS SANLess cluster that uses local storage. SIOS software synchronizes storage using real time (synchronous or asynchronous) data replication to provide availability and disaster protection without the cost and complexity of SAN-based replication. SANLess software supports replicating over a LAN or WAN to multiple targets, allowing you to configure a multinode failover cluster with nodes spread across more than one geographic location for protection against local, regional and national disasters.

Easy, Cost-Efficient Disaster Recovery Protection

SIOS clusters give you the flexibility to replicate between the configurations of your choice – between SAN and SANless environments and any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud configurations. Extend a SIOS cluster to a remote location, the cloud or a node outside your cluster to provide efficient, real time, block-level replication and disaster protection for your business critical applications. SIOS software enables failover of applications across geographic locations and cloud availability zones or regions to provide sitewide, local, and regional disaster protection. No vendor lock in. No need for identical hardware at the source and destination.