Rapid growth of VMware environments can result in unexpected budget overruns and shortages in key IT resources, including CPU and storage. Finding and eliminating wasted and unused resources such as snapshot waste, under/oversized VMs, rogue VMDKs, and idle VMs  can save thousands of dollars and make budgeting and planning more predictable.

Identify Idle VMs

Identifying unused or idle VMs is time-consuming and error prone. The process involves running and analyzing reports of CPU and network utilization and manually comparing the results to sort out and identify virtual machines that are presumed idle. This process does not factor in the interactions between VMs, the variable patterns of their activity or other infrastructure resources overlooking the importance of the components or production workloads.

SIOS iQ Idle VM Analyzer is the only solution that applies machine learning to accurately and easily identify underused virtual machines and show the potential cost savings that may result from deleting them. SIOS iQ tracks usage patterns of a VM over time factoring multiple dimensions of metrics and interactions among all of the related objects to accurately identify those VM’s that are idle.

Identify Undersized/Oversized VMs

SIOS iQ instantaneously identifies undersized/oversized virtual machines. Immediately benefit from the cost and performance improvements resulting from right sizing them.

Eliminate Costly Snapshot Waste and Rogue VMDKs

Identifying snapshot waste is similarly difficult. Snapshots provide a change log for a virtual disk and are a convenient way to restore a VM to a particular point in time when a failure or system error occurs. Backup tools often use and create snapshots for their own purposes in a way that may generate a long chain of snapshots with numerous siblings that can quickly drain CPU, slow performance, and needlessly waste storage.

SIOS iQ also identifies unnecessary and unused snapshots easily. Using SIOS iQ you can instantly identify snapshots that can be removed to regain badly needed storage space and increase storage performance. In a single click, SIOS iQ provides a concise, comprehensive picture with clear identification of the snapshots that are wasting valuable resources. The snapshot overview screen provides a wide range of information: VM name, size, datastore connected to it, datastore utilization percentage, age of snapshot, number of siblings under the same VM, date connected and the potential monthly savings for deleting snapshots.