Machine Learning is a fundamentally different approach from other methods. It is focused on knowledge discovery rather than data or metrics reporting. Its purpose is to deliver actionable information that the IT admin can use to solve problems.

Legacy monitoring tools use thresholds to measure a single parameter of a single resource (i.e. CPU utilization of an application). They were not designed to handle the dynamic, highly interrelated behavior of objects in a virtual environment. As a result, they overwhelm you with alert storms and false positives without providing context, insight, or actionable recommendations for resolution.

Machine learning is an adaptive technology that “learns” about the infrastructure, the interrelationships of its various components and their patterns of behavior as it changes over time. Rather than simply reporting a point-in-time status or averaging data, it provides knowledge of the infrastructure that considers daily and even hourly variances to accurately predict and simulate behavior and recommend solutions to issues that arise.

SIOS iQ aggregates and normalizes data from applications, storage, servers, networks, and third-party frameworks into a highly compressed and optimized data repository. It analyzes this data using SIOS’ patented machine learning technologies called Topological Behavior Analysis™ and vGraph™ that work in concert to create a highly sophisticated understanding and classification of the infrastructure behavior over time in order to precisely identify issues that require IT’s attention. They allow SIOS iQ to understand the dynamic behavior of all of the components and the application as they operate within the context of the infrastructure and across the entire operational environment. The result: a holistic view of the infrastructure without the “noise” and alert storms typical in traditional threshold-based approaches or simpler first-generation analytical methods.

SIOS iQ accurately forecasts future performance and capacity requirements for proactive management of your infrastructure and budget.

SIOS iQ uses machine learning to transform data into a topological map. It then measures and analyzes the behavior of interrelated objects to identify anomalies precisely and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

It is highly automated to eliminate manual steps wherever possible. It requires no agents or complex configuration. You can set it up in as little as 15 minutes and start gaining important information about your application status without the need for manual analyses or the involvement of multiple “silo” experts.

SIOS’s patented SemanticIO™ Machine Learning engine self-learns and self-optimizes policies and rules by leveraging behavioral analysis of the environment. Using semi-supervised learning techniques, the user can incorporate their own knowledge of operations into SIOS iQ’s learning set to customize learned behavior for well-understood conditions and in a special situations. SIOS’s patented vGraph™ technology compiles data about object relationships from a variety of sources as well as using discoveries in the data to find complex, otherwise hidden relationships between all objects (applications, VMs, hosts, storage, network) to further aid the analysis outcomes. SIOS iQ’s suite of uniquely developed and assembled analytical technologies results in unparalleled simplicity and intelligence.

SIOS PERC Dashboard Puts Information and Insights at Your Fingertips

The patented SIOS PERC Dashboard™ presents all of the knowledge and advice needed to keep important applications running efficiently in a virtualized environment in an easy-to-use, easy-to-access format. The dashboard enables IT managers to monitor status, identify and resolve problems, explore infrastructure improvements, and make adjustments quickly and easily to achieve optimum efficiency.

The SIOS PERC Dashboard is touch-enabled and supports any platform (desktop and mobile) and any resolution (including high DPI) for easy access from any location.

Conventional monitoring dashboards deliver only data and utilization metrics regarding CPU, memory, storage, and networking, leaving you to determine their importance and meaning. The SIOS PERC Dashboard provides a dense visualization of aggregated, analyzed, and actionable information compiled across the infrastructure and application. It provides a valuable overview of the operational state of the infrastructure and application for interactive exploration and efficient problem solving.

SIOS iQ analyzes your entire VMware infrastructure and presents the analysis in four quality of service dimensions: Performance, Efficiency, Reliability, and Capacity (PERC) that not only demonstrate the quality of the IT operations environment but also the quality of the application service. It identifies problems and recommends solutions and improvements for optimal efficiency based on advanced machine learning technology. The SIOS PERC Dashboard also provides a view into your resource usage that is essential for capacity planning for the future.