SIOS iQ is designed with a wide range of features to optimize your application operating environments across four key dimensions of service: performance, efficiency, reliability and capacity utilization (PERC).

Performance: Resolve Issues, Optimize Resources

Performance Root Cause Analysis for Instantaneous Issue Resolution

SIOS iQ’s patented machine learning technology leverages topological behavior analysis to identify abnormal patterns of behavior across applications and infrastructure and create visualizations showing the relationship of all of the objects involved in an issue. All objects impacted by an issue in the topology are displayed, including their relationship with the root cause objects. This allows you to actually “see” the problem. Identified issues are then correlated to infrastructure and application events providing information about their underlying causes.

SIOS iQ can identify a wide range of performance issues, including compute contention, undersized VMs, migrated VMs, newly provisioned VMs, “noisy neighbors,” hardware degradation, and slow application performance.

Find and Resolve Performance Issues with Meta-graph Analysis and Topology View

Deep learning based metagraph analysis
Machine learning / deep learning based meta-graph shows shows the complex interactions of all the components involved in a problem. Interactive design provides a color-coded and interactive graphical presentation of the results of deep learning analysis giving users deep insights into problematic infrastructure behaviors.

A powerful visualization technique provides a highly intuitive and information-rich presentation of abnormal infrastructure behaviors and shows the complex interactions of all the components involved in a problem. Advanced design provides a color-coded and interactive graphical presentation of the results of deep learning analysis allowing users to explore interactions between components to get deep insights into problematic infrastructure behaviors that otherwise would be impossible to achieve.

Prioritize Issues According to Business Criticality

 SIOS iQ lets you group your virtual resources (vMem, vCPU, etc.) according to the services they provide to your business. You can associate resources associated with SAP, SQL Server or other business critical application in a top priority service group.

SIOS iQ Service Analytics enables you to logically group resource associated with important applications and service and prioritize them according to their importance to your business. You can then sort and view infrastructure issues associated with individual application service. SIOS iQ service analytics lets you correlate application service alerts with abnormal infrastructure behavior and prioritize your actions. It allows you to understand both the root cause of problems your infrastructure and the impact of those problems on your mission critical services.

Gets the Most Value from Your Investment in Storage Acceleration

Adding expensive storage acceleration hardware may not resolve your application storage issues. In a VMware infrastructure with hundreds or thousands of workloads, configuring host-based caching (HBC), all-flash arrays, or hybrid storage for optimal results is often an ineffective trial-and-error exercise. SIOS iQ identifies the optimum storage targets, workloads, and cache configuration. It lets you quickly and optimally configure HBC by automatically identifying the VM candidates and their disks that would benefit most from caching. SIOS iQ also recommends how much cache to add and what cache block size to configure. It simulates the added performance that will be achieved and displays the results in a single, easy-to-read chart.

Efficiency: Eliminate Waste, Forecast Future Needs

See How Much You Can Save with the SIOS iQ ROI and Savings Calculator

SIOS iQ generates a report that identifies wasted resources including rogue VMDKs, idle and oversized VMs, snapshot waste, unnecessary software licenses and wasted labor costs associated with troubleshooting time. It provides ROI on purchase of SIOS iQ as well as specific cost savings in CapEx and OpEx that can be realized with recommendations provided.

Optimize VM Packing and Placement

Leverages advanced machine learning technology to recommend optimal placement of workloads on VMware hosts to achieve highly efficient VM density without causing performance or availability issues. Today’s techniques for VM balancing are reactive to real-time events in the infrastructure. Using SIOS iQ, IT admins are provided with intelligent recommendations derived from behavior learned over time. This approach achieves optimal placement and eliminates recurring thrashing and overhead caused by the constant rebalancing of current tools attempting to address this problem.

 Eliminate Wasted VM Resources
SIOS iQ idle VM feature identifies underused virtual machines and shows the potential cost savings that may result from deleting them. It enables you to view key parameters that indicate idle VMs over several time periods, 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, enabling you to identify underused VMs that can be deleted.

Eliminate Snapshot Sprawl for Maximum Storage Efficiency
Snapshots provide a change log for a virtual machine and are a convenient way to restore a VM to a particular point in time when a failure or system error occurs. Often times backup utilities will leave unneeded snapshots. Over time, mismanagement of snapshots results in a large amount of wasted storage and degraded storage performance. It is difficult to find which snapshots can be eliminated. SIOS iQ analyzes storage to identify which snapshots can be deleted to recover space. In a single click, you can easily see all of the snapshots that can be deleted and the resulting savings.

Reliability: Ensure Smooth Failover Protections

Reliability Analysis for VMware HA
SIOS iQ enables users to ensure their VMware infrastructure is protected in the event of host failures. The SIOS PERC Dashboard™ reliability indicator shows the number of host failures that a cluster has sustained over time and indicates when there are not enough hosts to sustain future failures.

Capacity: Plan for Capacity Needs

Efficient Capacity Forecasting

SIOS iQ analyzes storage utilization patterns to forecast how many days remain before datastore(s) run out of free space, reducing risks, saving you money, and enabling predictable budgeting. This enables you to optimize your infrastructure without costly emergencies. Use it with the Snapshot Waste feature to manage storage.