Virtual infrastructure optimization is becoming increasingly important. Enterprises are running important business operations in VMware and using vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) 6.0 to manage and maintain operations. SIOS iQ leverages machine learning analytics to enable VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 (vROps) to precisely identify critical performance issues. These issues include: high availability cluster health, host-based caching configuration recommendations, undersized/oversized VMs, idle VMs, manage snapshot and rogue VMDK).

Faster, More Precise Virtual Infrastructure Optimization

SIOS iQ gives vROps users precise identification of performance issues, such as noisy neighbors, hardware degradation, and slow application performance and provides specific recommendations for remediation.  SIOS iQ provides a complete and comprehensive analysis of an issue eliminating the many steps typically required to understand and address an issue using vROps alone.  Setup and configuration is minimal and as the environment changes, SIOS iQ automatically adapts using its machine learning technology.

Trying to extract meaning from alert storms within vROps is time-consuming, difficult, error prone and costly. vROps generates alerts based on fixed and dynamic thresholds that do not work well in continuously changing and highly interrelated virtualized environments. Fixed thresholds require manual setup and ongoing manual adjustment with every change in configuration or workload. Dynamic thresholds are based on averaged statistical data that do not capture the dynamics of workload behavior or their impact on the infrastructure based on the day, week, or month of the year.

SIOS iQ: A Simple, Intelligent Solution for Virtual Infrastructure Optimization

SIOS iQ integrates seamlessly with vROps and uses machine learning technology to teach itself about the behavior of interrelated objects (storage, network, compute, application) in your VMware environment. It eliminates the inaccuracy and alert storms caused by threshold-based tools such as vROps.

SIOS iQ’s patented vGraph™ technology automatically discovers and analyzes complex and hidden relationships and patterns of behavior among all of the objects (storage, network, compute, application) in your infrastructure. Its machine learning engine uses this information to detect anomalies, derive the root causes of anomalies, and provide specific, accurate recommendations to resolve the issues.

SIOS PERC Dashboard™

SIOS iQ delivers critical information and recommendations through the vROps Environmental Health panels. For example, with the SIOS iQ Adaptor, SIOS iQ is integrated with vROps enabling the vROps dashboard to display application performance root cause analysis, environmental risks, and inefficiencies:

  • Environment Health — The current state of the infrastructure and immediate issues that need to be addressed.
  • Environment Risks — Anticipate future performance issues and uses SIOS iQ machine learning recommendations to resolve them before they happen.
  • Environment Efficiency — Opportunities for optimization in snapshot waste, undersized/oversized VMs, rogue VMDKs, and idle VMs

Drill down for a touch-enabled topological diagram of your infrastructure and view the unique SIOS PERC Dashboard™ which presents key information about your infrastructure organized by four key service level characteristics: performance, efficiency, reliability, and capacity.

SIOS iQ enhances vROps to provide a simple, intelligent way to meet application service levels and eliminate wasted VM resources.

vROPs users can drill down to see detailed root causes of performance issues and recommendations for resolution provided by SIOS iQ machine learning based IT analytics solution.

vROPs users can drill down to see detailed root causes of performance issues and recommendations for resolution provided by SIOS iQ IT analytics solution.