Cluster Software for Cloud Environments

SANless cluster software allows you to provide high availability protection for your important applications in the cloud. Simply add SIOS cluster software to a Windows Server Failover Clustering environment to enable it to work without the need for shared storage. In addition, you get incredible configuration flexibility for your cluster environment.

How does SANless Cluster Software Work?

Traditional cluster software that requires shared storage (SAN), In contrast, SIOS software lets you build clusters using local storage. More importantly, you can configure cluster nodes in any combination of cloud, on-premises data center, and/or remote disaster recovery site. SIOS cluster software synchronizes local storage using real-time (synchronous or asynchronous) block level replication. The synchronized storage appears to clustering software such as Windows Server Failover Clustering, as a traditional SAN-based storage.

More importantly, SIOS cluster software enables you to configure nodes within a data center, or across geographic areas and/or cloud availability zones. As a result, you get the flexibility to protect a single-site, multi-site, cloud, or a mixed environment. In the event of a failover, the standby server has immediate access to the most current data. No costly SAN hardware or complex administration. No costly vendor lock-in.

In the event of a failover, the standby server in a SANless cluster has immediate access to the most current data – just like a traditional cluster.

Advantages of Using SANless Cluster Software

Cost-Effective High Performance and High Availability

SIOS cluster software lets you use high-performance flash/SSD storage for faster application response time without the cost of a SAN. SIOS software synchronizes high-performance local storage in your cluster nodes for cost-efficient high availability and disaster recovery.

SANless Clusters Save Money

SIOS cluster software saves you money in several ways. First, it lets you build a SANless cluster using your choice of cost-efficient industry-standard hardware and software on the primary and standby machines. You eliminate the cost and complexity of SAN storage.

Second, SIOS software also enables you to create a SANless cluster using native SQL Server clustering capabilities. For example, you can use SIOS DataKeeper with SQL Server Standard Edition AlwaysOn Failover Clustering. You get a high availability SQL Server cluster without expensive SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

Reduce Risk of Downtime

Traditional clusters require shared storage, which represents a potential single point of failure. SIOS cluster software ensures all storage is synchronized, eliminating this potential risk of downtime and data loss.

Unparalleled HA Flexibility for Cloud, Hybrid, and Virtual Environments

SIOS cluster software lets you protect Windows or Linux applications and data in any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

Cost-Efficient Disaster protection

You can use SIOS cluster software to replicate data to multiple geographically dispersed locations for protection from site-wide, local, and regional disasters. You can also locate a cluster node in the cloud for off-site disaster protection without the cost of building a remote DR data center.

No costly SAN hardware or complex administration. No costly vendor lock-in.