. What is SIOS DataKeeper SANLess Cluster Software? What is SIOS DataKeeper SANLess Cluster Software?

Sanless cluster software, unlike traditional shared-storage cluster software, uses local storage for every cluster node. SIOS software keeps the storage in all cluster nodes synchronized using real time (synchronous or asynchronous) block level replication within a data center, or across geographic areas and/or cloud availability zones. SANless cluster software gives you the flexibility to protect a single-site, multi-site, cloud, or a mixed environment. In the event of a failover, the standby server has immediate access to the most current data. No costly SAN hardware or complex administration. No costly vendor lock-in.


Why  Build a SANLess Cluster?

  • Cost Efficient: Build a SANless cluster using your choice of cost-efficient industry-standard hardware and software on the primary and standby machines.
  • Eliminate risk: Eliminate SAN single point of failure.
  • Performance:  Use high performance Flash/SSD storage for faster application response time, high availability, and disaster recovery in a single solution.
  • Flexibility: Protect Windows or Linux applications and data in any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud environments.
  • Disaster protection: Replicate data to multiple geographically dispersed locations for protection from site-wide, local, and regional disasters.