Traditional approaches to performance root cause analysis focus on recording and reporting discrete events, (e.g., CPU utilization exceeding a threshold) to identify a problem in a VMware environment. With these approaches, IT staff are inundated with alerts without guidance for prioritizing, interpreting or correcting them. Complex or subtle performance issues often go unnoticed amid the background noise.

Information without the Noise

SIOS iQ learns the complex interactions and behavior of objects (CPU, storage, network, applications) your VMware environment and infrastructure and delivers a simple, intelligent identification of the root cause of performance issues and specific recommendations for resolution without the noise of alert storms and false positives. Through the SIOS PERC Dashboard™, SIOS iQ automatically warns you of a critical performance issue, lists all affected objects in the environment, defines the root cause of the performance issue, and recommends specific changes for improvement. The result: fast, accurate identification and resolution of performance issues, improved service to end users, and significant time savings for IT staff.

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