. Linux Server Protection, Single Node High Availability Linux Server Protection, Single Node High Availability

LifeKeeper Single Server Protection for Linux provides single node high availability protection for physical hosts and virtual machines. It is a flexible, easy, and cost-efficient way to protect applications running in VMware®, KVM and physical environments from downtime. LifeKeeper software integrates with the VMware application monitoring interface and adds application awareness and prescriptive intelligence to VMware HA for faster recovery times and complete application protection.

Linux Application Protection for VMware

Unlike traditional VMware availability solutions that operate at the virtual machine level, without intelligence about issues or risks inside the VM, LifeKeeper has full application awareness inside VMware virtual machines that allows LifeKeeper to detect issues sooner, to apply more intelligent recovery actions, and to deliver faster recovery times (RTO).

Within VMware environments, LifeKeeper is fully integrated with VMware HA and has an optional plugin into vCenter providing complete, fully automated protection for your virtualized applications and databases.

Intuitive Management Console

LifeKeeper features an intuitive management console that leverages an optional integrated vSphere client plugin. It gives you full visibility into the status of protected applications. It also makes LifeKeeper easy to install and manage, reducing operating costs and improving both application availability and personal productivity.

Intelligent Recovery

Lifekeeper gives you control over the recovery to optimize your high availability and recovery strategies to best meet your needs and business objectives. It lets you set the number of local recovery attempts that LifeKeeper will make within a given time period before initiating the recovery of the physical host or virtual machine. You can also create and enforce the most appropriate recovery strategy for each application to balance optimal recovery times and efficient use of resources.