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SIOS iQ IT Operations Analytics Platform

SIOS iQ™ is a machine learning analytics software platform designed to be your primary resource for IT operations information and issue resolution. This simple, intelligent solution learns infrastructure behaviors and provides answers to difficult problems in complex VMware IT environments.

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Key Features

Performance Root Cause Analysis

Complex interrelationships between objects in VMware environments can make finding the root cause of performance issues difficult. The SIOS iQ Performance Root Cause Analysis feature learns the relationships between objects and their normal patterns of behavior in a VMware infrastructure. It proactively identifies anomalies in behavior, defines the root causes of performance problems in any application, and recommends specific changes to address those problems quickly and easily.

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Host-Based Caching

A common solution to storage performance problems is to configure Solid State Disks (SSD) in the host machine and to use host-based storage cachng (HBC) to offload expensive SANs and minimize storage and network contention. To be cost-efficient, IT admins need to identify the right hosts, virtual machines and disks that will benefit most from HBC and then configure and allocate the cache appropriately. SIOS iQ provides a simple intelligent way to quickly and optimally configure host based caching.

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Resource Optimization

The process of identifying idle or unnecessary VM resources can be time-consuming and error prone. In one click, the SIOS iQ Idle VM Analyzer feature identifies under-used virtual machines and shows the potential cost savings that may result from deleting them. It enables you to view key parameters that indicate VMs are idle over several time periods: 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days to enable you to identify the best candidates for elimination. SIOS iQ also identifies unnecessary and unused snapshots that can waste important storage resources and slow performance.

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Simple. Intelligent.

SIOS iQ is simple and intelligent.


Explore your VMware environments and infrastructure


Identify and correct real-world issues quickly


Optimize performance, efficiency, reliability, and capacity utilization

SIOS PERC Dashboard

Touch and Mobile Optimized

The patented SIOS PERC Dashboard™ allows you to explore your VMware environment while gaining the knowledge and advice you needed to keep important applications running efficiently.

Designed to deliver a simple mobile app user experience, the SIOS PERC Dashboard provides actionable information and a valuable overview of the operational state of the environment across four quality of service dimensions: performance, efficiency, reliability, and capacity (PERC) utilization.

The SIOS PERC Dashboard presents the analysis results as well as intelligent insights and actionable advice for improvement in a remarkably easy to use, touch optimized format and supports both desktop and mobile platforms and any resolution, including high DPI, for easy access from any location.

SIOS iQ is touch screen and mobile optimized