High Performance and High Availability for SQL Servers in a  Cloud

SQL Server is typically deployed in a standalone configuration within a single Amazon EC2 Availability Zone, making it vulnerable to downtime if there is an outage in the Availability Zone.

Through a joint effort with Amazon, SIOS software enables native SQL Server Failover Clustering for AWS deployments without the need for shared storage. Create a cluster using only local storage and add SIOS software for host-based, block level replication that keeps data synchronized between nodes and enables failover across EC2 Availability Zones.

SIOS #SANLess clusters provide complete protection without the limitations of SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups or traditional shared storage based SQL Server AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances (FCI).

SIOS #SANLess clusters support multi-Availability Zone deployments, unlimited databases per SQL Server instance, and applications that rely on the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator.