SIOS SANLess software is an easy, cost-efficient way to provide high availability for your business critical applications in a cloud or hybrid cloud where traditional failover clusters are not practical or possible. By eliminating the requirement for shared (SAN) storage, SIOS SANLess cluster software lets you take full advantage of the flexibility and cost savings possible in cloud and hybrid cloud environments without sacrificing performance, high availability or disaster protection. SIOS software enables you to move applications that depend on SAN-based Windows server failover clusters for high availability protection to Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, or other cloud environments without sacrificing availability protection or performance.

SANLess Cluster Solutions: High Availability in the Cloud

SIOS SANLess software lets you create a multinode cluster in any cloud or hybrid cloud environment, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2, using only local storage.

SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition is the only Microsoft certified high availability solution in the Azure Marketplace. Add SIOS DataKeeper to your Windows Server Failover Clustering environment to eliminate configuration limitations. SIOS software enables failover of application instances across cloud availability zones or regions to provide site-wide, local, and regional disaster protection without downtime. SIOS SANLess software gives you the flexibility to build a fully automated, application-centric cluster and replication solution with your choice of replication schema, and deployment.