Advanced SAN-based Cluster Protection

SIOS SAN-based cluster solutions let you build a cluster to protect your business critical Windows or Linux applications and data from downtime and disasters. This powerful software makes clusters easy to use and easy to own.
sanless_physical_diagramSIOS delivers proven cluster solutions for SAN-based environments that provide tightly integrated application monitoring and failover for all layers of the system stack, including: server, storage, network, database and/or application. Any type of shared storage can be used (Fibre Channel SAN, iSCSI, NAS) for maximum configuration flexibility.

In the event of a failure in the system stack, SIOS software automatically attempts to restart the application. If the restart fails, SIOS moves operations to the standby server for fast, seamless failover.

Our user friendly interface lets you configure your SIOS cluster in minutes and makes ongoing monitoring and management easy.

High Availability Clusters Where SANs are Impractical or Impossible


SIOS SANless clustering software lets you build a Windows or Linux cluster that uses only local storage – eliminating the cost and single point of failure risk of a traditional SAN. Real-time replication keeps local storage on primary and stand-by machines synchronized, giving applications immediate access to current data even in the event of a failover. You get high availability and disaster protection in a single, cost-efficient solution.

SIOS lets you build a cluster with your choice of industry-standard hardware and a wide array of storage devices, including direct attached SCSI, iSCSI, Fibre Channel and more. Unlike SAN solutions, SIOS clusters let you mix hardware configurations at the source and target for maximum flexibility with no vendor lock-in.

SIOS SANless clusters have a user-friendly management console that makes implementation and setup intuitive and ongoing management easy.

High availability protection and performance

SIOS SANless clusters provide high performance, low latency block level replication with minimal overhead. They also give you the option to use high speed storage solutions such as flash-based PCIe and SSD for high availability, disaster protection, and performance in a single solution at a fraction of the cost of a SAN.